World Secrets


About us


World Secrets is a luxury brand of British designed shoes, travel bags and accessories inspired by the colours of the world. Due to the nature of the fabic used, every single item is unique and one of a kind.

Different countries and cultures have such diverse fabrics and designs reflecting their stories, culture and traditions. Taking inspiraton from this, we aim to create a timeless fashion investment in every peice, designed with a commitment to innovation, quality and design. Guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd whilst remaining fashionable and beautiful!

We specialise in handcrafted leather soled shoes and accessories of exceptional quality, bridging the gap between casual and formal attire.  Made from colourful antique Kilim rugs and Ikat Silk, each pair of shoes are completely unique and will take you anywhere in style.  We ensure that all of our products are ethically made using the finest leather. 

You may be wondering why our logo is based around a sausage dog.... simply because we love our sausage dog called Slinky. Who better to represent our brand! 


We hope you get as much enjoyment and fun out of wearing our products as we do designing and making them. 



World Secrets xxx